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Author Topic: MOBILE PHONE BASED PROJECTS  (Read 7007 times)


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« on: March 05, 2011, 09:54:08 AM »


On line vehicle tracking by using GPS and GPRS (IEEE 2004)
Microcontroller Based Patient care Monitoring and auto dialer system
Design and implementation of a wireless remote data acquisition system for mobile applications (IEEE 2005)
GPS based bus or train collision avoiding system
GSM based mobile Tele-monitoring and management system for inter-cities public transportation (IEEE 2004)
Human tracking system by using GPS
The GPRS based location system for the long distance freight (IEEE 2006)
Automatic power meter reading system using GSM network (IEEE 2007)
GSM mobile phone based automobile security system (IEEE 2000)
SMS based home appliances controlling system
Automatic taxi trip sensing and indication system through GSM
GPS based Aid for Blind People
Design and development of voice / Tele operated intelligent mobile robot (IEEE 1997)
An intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID Technology (IEEE 2008)
Fabrication of GPS Robot
A real time remote control architecture using mobile communication (IEEE 2005)
GSM Based remote measurement of electricity  and control system for home
GSM based speed control of single phase A.C Motor
Security breach information for unauthorized entry based on Mobile technique
Industrial furnace temperature monitoring system using Mobile phone
Microcontroller based Auto-Dialer Home Security System
A remote measurement and controlling system for green house based on GSM-SMS (IEEE 2007)
Mobile tracking system by using GPS and GSM
Remote control of industrial machines based on GSM technology
Monitoring and transmission of heavy vehicle parameters using fixed cellular terminal (IEEE 2004)
GSM Mobile Phone based Automobile Security System
Microcontroller Based SMS controlled moving robot
Gas leakage detector & auto dialing controller system
Mobile phone jammer
Railway anti-collusion system using GPS
Mine detection vehicle for defense using GSM
GSM Based industrial controller
SMS based patient monitoring system
Microcontroller Based Stepper Motor Speed Controlling System Using Cell Phone
Railway Security Management System using GSM
GSM based home automation with security system
Locker security system with SMS informer
Microcontroller Based Electrical Appliances Controlling System Using Cell Phone
Microcontroller Based telephone Answering And Recording Machine
Cell phone controlled pick and place robot
SMS Based Banking Security System
SMS controlled credit card
GSM and GPS interface for human tracking system
SMS based electricity Billing system
GPS based location indicating system for unmanned automobile
Stepper Motor Speed Controlling System Using Cell Phone
SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system
Intelligent fire monitoring using blue tooth technology
SMS controlled pick and place robot with video camera
SMS based weather Report
Locker security system with SMS informer
SMS Based DC Motor Speed Controller